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Soul Nebula Mosaic 2016

Soul nebula in Ha and Oiii wavelengths. Two panel mosaic. Published in the March 2017 edition of the BBC Sky at Night magazine, "Hotshots gallery".

Imaged between 4th and 28th December 2016, total exposure time 14 hours.

Camera:ATIK 314L+
Lens:SKY-WATCHER Equinox 80 Pro
Focal length:500mm
Shutter speed:1200 sec (20 min)
Filter:BAADER H-alpha 7nm, ASTRODON OIII 5nm
Software:Capture software: Sequence Generator Pro, PHD Guiding, Stellarium
Integration: PixInsight
Processing: Photoshop CC
Post-processing: Lightroom CC
Notes:Ha: 10 x 1200s, Oiii: 12 x 1200s per pane. 2 pane mosaic. 7.3 hours per pane, 14.6 hours total exposure.