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NGC 2237 Rosette nebula

The Rosette nebula (NGC 2237) is around 5000 light-years from Earth, and is roughly 130 light-years from edge to edge. I imaged the central part of the nebula on the 11th, 12th and 15th February mostly from the Seething observatory and partly from home.

The Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) channel comprises 10 x 900s (15 min) exposures, the Oxygen (OIII) channel is 17 x 900s exposures. To retain natural star colour, I also imaged some short 5 x 120s (2 min) exposures for Red, Green and Blue filter.

Data was stacked in PixInsight, combined and processed in Photoshop CC, and tidied up in Lightroom CC.

Camera:ATIK 314L+
Lens:SKY-WATCHER Equinox 80 Pro
Focal length:500mm
Shutter speed:600 sec
Filter:BAADER H-alpha 7nm, ASTRODON Oiii + BAADER R/G/B
Software:Capture software: Sequence Generator Pro, PHD Guiding, Stellarium
Integration: PixInsight
Processing: Photoshop CC
Post-processing: Lightroom CC
Notes:Ha: 10 x 900 sec, Oiii: 17 x 900 sec, RGB: 5 x 120 sec (each). Total exposure 7.25 hours.