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Horsehead Nebula Mosaic 2017

Horsehead Nebula in Ha. Was originally intended to be a 9 pane mosaic, but the lack of clear skies around December 2016 and January 2017 meant that the project was unfinished for that year. The middle 3 panes had been completed (7 x 600s each) so I just combined those. Horsehead Nebula works really well in Ha, lots of interesting hydrogen clouds and formations.

Camera:ATIK 314L+
Lens:SKY-WATCHER Equinox 80 Pro
Focal length:500mm
Shutter speed:600 sec
Filter:BAADER H-alpha 7nm
Software:Capture software: Sequence Generator Pro, PHD Guiding, Stellarium
Integration: PixInsight
Processing: Photoshop CC
Post-processing: Lightroom CC
Notes:7 x 600 sec exposures per pane, 3 pane mosaic. Total exposure 3.5 hours.